Cortina Acústica para Separar estancias Marron MC8220

Cortina Acústica para Separar estancias Marron MC8220

Occultant Thermique Phonique

Las cortinas acústicas para separar estancias reversibles de Moondream cuentan con una tecnología patentada* para conseguir un verdadero aislamiento acústico. La cortina para separar estancias reversible consta de cuatro capas que absorben y detienen la difusión de las ondas sonoras… » Más

140 x 250 (An. x Al.)
169,00 €

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Cortina para separar estancias acústica, opaca y térmica

Las cortinas acústicas para separar estancias reversibles de Moondream cuentan con una tecnología patentada* para conseguir un verdadero aislamiento acústico.
La cortina para separar estancias reversible consta de cuatro capas (una tela opaca a ambos lados y en el interior un forro térmico metalizado y un algodón grueso) que absorben y detienen la difusión de las ondas sonoras. Las pruebas realizadas en laboratorio muestran una reducción del ruido de 9 Db de media, es decir, que la energía sonora se divide entre ocho. La cortina funciona como una pared acústica y es especialmente eficaz en frecuencias altas como las de la voz.

Son idénticas por ambos lados y son la alternativa ideal a una puerta o a un tabique móvil. Con un simple movimiento, se crea una estancia adicional alejada del bullicio (un despacho, una habitación, una sala de televisión…) O, en función de sus gustos y sus necesidades, se abre el espacio para las visitas o para disponer de una estancia grande.

* Patente francesa número 12 50968 / Patente europea número 2623681
(1) pruebas realizadas por el laboratorio CEBTP de conformidad con la norma EN ISO 717-1
(2) Acta n.° BEB2.F.6011-2 del 27 de abril de 2015

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Ficha técnica

Tela frontal : 100% Poliéster / Forro térmico : 99,99% Poliéster + 0,01% Aluminio / Capa acústica : Algodón reciclado / Tela trasera : 100% Poliéster
Certificado OEKO-TEX®
Tela producida sin sustancias nocivas
8 ollaos de acero inoxidable de color gris plomo. Cabezal reforzado sin pespuntes Bajo sobrehilado.
Diámetro del ojete
40 mm
Fabric ID
Colour ID
Lavar en seco
1 Cortina acústica para separar estancias
Debbie K

Pretty on both sides

We needed a curtain that was pretty on both sides that provided soundproofing between two companies. This did the trick so well that we bought another one.

Terrilyn G

Look great

These drapes look great and really help with the traffic noise. I am sleeping through the night again.

Katrin M

Gute Isolierung & Tolle Farbe

Sehr qualitative Vorhänge und ein toller Farbtupfer in unserem Wohnzimmer. Guter Lichtschutz und die Wärmeisolierung funktioniert auch super. Wir haben die Vorhänge hauptsächlich gekauft, um den Schall innerhalb des recht großen Raumes zu dämfen und das funktioniert in der Tat sehr gut.

Deborah W

Exactly what I wanted to deaden the noise

Exactly what I wanted to deaden the noise going into our game/media room. I like how it folds up nicely against the wall, when not in use too. Looks great too!

Rebecca D

Love the quality

I love the color and the quality!

Michael R



Christoph C

Moondream Schiefergrau

Liebes Moondream Team, Die Lieferung und Kaufabwicklung war anstandslos. Ebenso ist die Verpackung und Qualität in Ordnung. Lediglich mit der Farbgebing wurden meine erwartungen nicht erfüllt. Meine Auswahl "Schiefergrau" wie im Titel des Produktes beschrieben und die relativ dunklen Bilder auf Ihrer Website passen nicht zu dem Produkt, welches geliefert wurde. Hier trifft die Farbe Blau wie dann acuh auf dem Lieferscheinbei genauerem Hinsehen vermerkt ist zu. Unter Schiefergrau habe ich mir ein mittel, bis dunkelgraues Aussehen erwartet. Da dies nun nicht ganz zu der Einrichtung passt, ist die Freude natürlich getrübt. Ich würde mich Ihrerseits über eine Rückmeldung freuen. Liebe Grüße, Christoph Czettl

Steve C

These curtains have reduced the noise dramatically!!

This is a fantastic product. Before I bought these curtains the outside street noise was maddening. Now I'm enjoying my space because these curtains have reduced the noise dramatically!! I could not be happier now!!

Jude R

A quality product

The color, feel, and effective temperature/light control are perfect! Thanks for a quality product. I will be ordering more!

Danielle A

Perfectly blocks out light

Soft, nice quality material. Beautiful grey. Perfectly blocks out light. My boys are sleeping in past 530am finally!

Erika B

Oscurante sì,fonoassorbente purtroppo no

Ho risolto il problema della luce che entrava dalla portafinestra,ma purtroppo a livello acustico non ho riscontrato alcuna differenza.

Allison P

This curtain does block a lot of sound.

I have an open doorway from a home studio to our regular living quarters and I ordered this curtain for many reasons. The multi layer is needed to really build a good blocker. The long length was perfect for me. And lastly, the curtain has 2 finished sides so it looks great from any angle.

Jim M

Very good

Very good, meeting my expectations, I strongly recommend!

Jim M


Good workmanship.

Henry N

Exactly what I needed

Exactly what I needed. Exactly as described.

Brian S


fabulous. Beautiful color, blocks noise very effectively, they look great!

Brett M


Made both my rooms much more comfortable!

Sebastian M

Super Qualität!

Sehr schöner Vorhang in einer guten Qualität. Sowohl Wärme als auch Lärm werden wirkungsvoll zurückgehalten. Der Preis ist gerechtfertigt.

Kellen K

High quality and worth the cost

This product significantly reduces / eliminates unwanted noise. These curtains are expensive, but they are high quality and worth the cost. I nailed mine directly to the wall, instead of hanging on a rod. It doesn't look as good, but it's more effective for noise reduction. I would recommend doing this if noise is a problem for you.

Michal K

Great products

Great products, actually work

Teresa Halpert D

Look great

These curtains really made a difference in reducing unwanted sound! Also they are well-made and look great.

Kristi C

Worth the price

Great quality and worth the price

Patrik A

Sound pollution

We live close to a quite heavily trafficked road and the curtains blocks out the sharp noises and dampens the sound inside our bedroom, we are satisfied and sleep much better when the sound level has been decreased.

Christina C

Great value!

Great value!

Nico I

Alles super!

Sehr schnelle Zustellung! Sieht gut aus und fühlt sich sehr robust an! Würde mir wieder einen bestellen.

Paul D

third time buyer

This is my third time ordering another panel of these drapes. They definitely help with soundproofing and blackout. The design is good but the best part is how well they work if for noise reduction.

Tory L

Great product

Great product! The color is outstanding!

Leonard S


Ich habe mir drei Vorhänge gekauft und bin sehr zufrieden! Da ich keine Rolladen habe, musste dringend etwas gegen Lärm und Sonneneinfall her. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und kann die Vorhänge weiterempfehlen.

Audrey C

Very pleased

Very pleased with the quality.

Kenzie K

I LOVE my curtains!

They block out a lot of light and noise. Perfect choice for my massage room.

John C


They look great on our windows and really seem to help with reducing the sound intrusion. No worries!

Valerie A

Good product

Although I still need to hem them with the iron on tape, the curtains have definitely quieted things down noticeably. Good product.

Christine R

best quality

These curtains are of the best quality material and manufacturing. I have ordered them for numerous windows in my home.

Anna S

Strongly recommend

Great material, good soundproof curtains, strongly recommend.

Nelli Z

Great quality

Great quality of material for blocking sun and reducing outside noise. My sleep quality greatly improved after working night shifts.

Candace B

Great product

Great Product Matched w/ Great Customer Service. We ordered four of the sound proof curtains. They are working great and we ended up needing to order a fifth. Both orders were placed over the phone to ensure accurate delivery information and the customer service both times was flawless. Always nice to come across great merchandise and equally great people.

Joyce W


We ordered this to keep in the doorway of our apartment entrance because our dog barks every time he hears anyone come in or out on our floor. We were hoping this might be a good way to keep him from braking but it was a risk as to if it would work in that way for him. BUT IT WORKS!!!!! The quality is excellent, the craftsmanship, materials & ordering/delivery all very very good. We are considering a second one of the doorway to the kitchen & I will recommend them for sure. As a recording artist I love the idea for my studio as well... REALLY EXCELLENT PRODUCT!

Susan S

Outstanding product

Outstanding product. Great service. This purchase was a leap of faith for me and it worked out so unbelievably well! These soundproof curtains are gorgeous. The workmanship is just superb. The seams are beautifully done. The soundproof curtains are double lined and the lining is high quality not cheap looking stuff like I was finding in equally expensive curtains. I didn't know anything about this company or these curtains when I ordered and it has all been a pleasant surprise. Great customer service help when I needed to change colors and the product I got is so far above what was available in the mall. Most importantly our guest room with windows on a very busy corner is quiet and dark. I highly recommend Moondream.

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Cortina Acústica para Separar estancias Marron MC8220

Las cortinas acústicas para separar estancias reversibles de Moondream cuentan con una tecnología patentada* para conseguir un verdadero aislamiento acústico. La cortina para separar estancias reversible consta de cuatro capas que absorben y detienen la difusión de las ondas sonoras… » Más

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